Reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint with solar

We are a renewable energy specialist, providing commercial and industrial rooftop solar solutions for UK businesses and real estate portfolios.

Reduce costs

Enhance ESG

Energy Independence

Do you struggle with...

High energy costs?

Escalating energy expenses can hamper financial stability and the long-term success of your business.

Environmental impact?

Fossil fuels can negatively impact both your carbon footprint and your external reputation, with investors, customers and stakeholders.

Price uncertainty?

Dependence on traditional energy sources can weaken your business resilience and leave you vulnerable to unpredictable energy prices.
Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

Take control of your energy costs, slash your carbon footprint, and embrace energy independence for a more sustainable and resilient future with solar solutions.

Reduce your energy costs

Embark on a journey to reduce your energy bills and boost profitability as we guide you through the transformative power of rooftop solar.

Elevate your ESG credentials

Let us guide you through how to harness the power of solar and green energy for enhanced ESG credentials.

Become energy independent

Unleash your business's potential for energy autonomy. Break free from the constraints and take control of your power.
Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

We provide solar solutions for a wide range of UK businesses, from single properties to portfolios, in sectors such as self-storage, construction, warehousing and distribution, education and manufacturing.

How does it work?

1. Request a free quote

Quick and easy – just drop your details in our contact form or give us a ring. Let’s talk about your roof and energy needs.

2. Bespoke proposal

Our experts will thoroughly examine your project, crafting a tailored rooftop solar proposal for your business.

3. Hassle-free savings

We will seamlessly navigate the installation journey from design to grid connection, and you will start seeing immediate savings.
Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

See an indicative programme

Download an example programme for up to 1 MW rooftop solar scheme which details design, delivery and maintenance stages along with timescales.
Indicative Programme for Solar Panel Installation Investment and Return. Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

Indicative Programme


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Why partner with Sunne?

We understand there are costs and considerations when investing in solar. But at Sunne, we pride ourselves on being a safe and reliable pair of hands to partner with you in achieving seamless integration and optimal returns.

Our energy audits mean you’ll never pay for more solar than you need and our tailored solutions are designed to align with your business goals and aspirations.

Find out how else we can support your business:

Maximising financial returns

At Sunne, the majority of our clients achieve a return on their investment within 3-5 years. Our advice centres on maximising financial returns, advising a system size that focuses on reducing your energy bills and ensuring that any surplus energy is sold to off-takers at the best possible rate, maximising your overall financial gain.

Roof guarantee

We know how crucial it is to keep your roof intact. With our commitment, we guarantee no leaks after solar installation. In the unlikely event of any issues, rest assured, repairs are on us, covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Minimal disruption

Partner with us for minimal operational disruption. We work around your business, ensuring a seamless transition to solar energy, preserving your daily workflow.

Valuation increase

Partnering with Sunne is not just about sustainable energy; it's an investment that directly impacts your business or property valuation. By reducing operational expenses through solar solutions, you're not only boosting your bottom line but also positively influencing your EBITDA multiple. Secure a brighter future for your enterprise with Sunne and watch your valuation soar.

End-to-end process

We offer a seamless ‘End to End’ service which covers the design, grid connection, installation, and ongoing maintenance. We take care of it all.

Quality equipment

We only use tier 1 solar panels and the highest quality inverters from Europe with warranties of +20 years, ensuring you get optimal output and financial returns.

Our team

Our unique team background brings a distinctive blend of expertise from property and sustainability, setting us apart from typical renewable energy installers, We prioritise key property investment metrics and demonstrate ESG and IRR can co-exist.

Long term partnerships

Our goal is to forge enduring partnerships with our clients, providing ongoing support throughout the entire lifespan of the equipment, extending far beyond the initial installation phase.

Ensuring roof suitability

At Sunne Energy, we prioritise the integrity of your roof. Before any solar installation, we conduct a comprehensive structural survey and condition report. Our meticulous assessment ensures that your roof is well-suited for solar, handling the weight effectively and eliminating concerns such as asbestos. Trust us for a reliable, secure, and structurally sound solar solution.

Corporate green objectives

At Sunne, we recognize that every business is unique, with specific internal and external green targets to achieve. Allow us to guide you, making a tangible impact on your ESG performance and assisting you in meeting 'Green' criteria and accreditations.

Track record

Our expert team has a solid track record, of success. Hear directly from our satisfied clients, as their testimonials showcase the firsthand experience of the exceptional results we consistently deliver.

Real-time savings App

Once your system is installed we will connect you to the app which will provide you with real time updates on savings and earnings right on your finger tips live.
Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

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