We are a renewable energy specialist, providing commercial and industrial rooftop solar installation and battery storage for UK businesses and real estate portfolios.

Solar solutions for UK businesses. Renewable energy specialist, providing commercial and industrial rooftop solar installations and battery storage solutions. Sunne Energy logo
Established in 2022, Sunne Energy was formed out of a desire to make real and lasting change for UK businesses.

Having worked in property investment, development and sustainability, our directors decided to pool their knowledge and expertise to help address the disconnect between the sustainability market and UK business.

Together, we have created a tailored ‘end to end’ solar solution that works in practice, not just in theory. Our approach is guided by a desire to maximise value, growth and profit for every business we work with, ensuring worthwhile financial return and revenue generation, as well as carbon reduction and mitigation.

Unlike a typical installer, we base our strategy on key property investment metrics alongside your carbon reduction targets, demonstrating how ESG can co-exist with IRR. By taking this multi-angle approach, we ensure that your solar investment is aligned to your commercial strategy and goals and clients never pay for more solar than they need.

Reliable, trustworthy and transparent, we’re passionate about being a valued partner to all our clients. We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, offering continuous support throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment, well beyond the initial installation phase.

Join us on our mission to make UK businesses and real estate more sustainable, resilient and future proof. Take charge of your energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint, and embrace energy independence with us for a greener future.

Meet the directors

Patrick Clancy Sunne Energy, provider of solar solutions for UK businesses.

Patrick Clancy

10-years experience in property acquisitions and development management.

Founded Thornbally in 2019, a multi-disciplinary commercial property consultancy with a focus on industrial real estate.

Previously held senior roles at Berkeley Homes and Aitch Group.
Andrew MacMillan Sunne Energy, provider of solar solutions for UK businesses.

Andrew MacMillan

Over 20-years experience in real estate, energy and transactions, including Lendlease, Laing O-Rourke and Shell.

Led investment committee for major European investments in real estate and PFI.

Most recently, Chief Operating Officer for a UK sustainability consultancy.
Piers Cartwright-Taylor Sunne Energy, provider of solar solutions for UK businesses.

Piers Cartwright-Taylor

20-years experience in the commercial real estate and residential development, agency, finance, and investment management.

Director of Thornbally, a multi-disciplinary commercial property consultancy business.

Previously held roles at GVA, Anglo Irish Bank and Lendlease.

We provide solar solutions for a wide range of UK businesses in sectors such as self-storage, construction, warehousing and distribution, education and manufacturing.

Leading Rooftop Solar Solutions for UK Businesses
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