The Clancy Group HQ, Harefield (181 KWp)

We installed 436 panels at The Clancy Group head office in Harefield. The energy generated will make a significant contribution to the demand for energy from the on-site office, workshop and MOT garage.

This project was not without its challenges as the electrics were over 35 years old and required a major upgrade due to old cartridge fuses and little room for any new circuits or machines. The new system provides real-time 24/7 energy monitoring. Timers and sensors can now be fitted based on real usage data to reduce energy wastage and reduce bills.


The Clancy Group



System size:

181 KWp

CO2 savings:

28 tonnes p.a.


3.5 years


£50,000 p.a.
Clancy Group head office in Harefield. Fitted with solar PV by Sunne Energy. Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.
Solar Solutions for UK Businesses.

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